Casual/Drop-in at £8 per class (PAYG)
Members get 12.5% discount at £7 per class (paid monthly)
Membership is one annual payment of £30 insurance fee.

That's it. NO CONTRACTS!

Please contact us prior to attending.

Self Defence Is For Everyone Manifesto!

Discounted membership and class fees.

We strongly believe that everyone as a key life skill should have some basic training in protecting themselves from violence.

However, for some of us these days, self protection can also mean having to make hard financial choices: choosing between things you want to do and the realities of keeping a roof above you and your family's heads.

At Force Necessary UK we understand this and passionately believe that no one who wants or needs to train should be held back from joining us because it's too expensive.

To combat this we are making substantially discounted concession rate memberships and class fees available to those whose only household income is from state benefits (including pensioners) or those for whom full class fees would be unaffordable.

Our main priority is for members of our community to benefit from this training.

If you are on a low income and the cost is a barrier to joining us, please come and talk to us.

All we ask is that you are genuinely committed to learning.

To find out if you qualify and for more details, please email Jeth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Discount rates apply to membership, insurance and class fees only.
Eligibility will be re-assessed on a 2 monthly basis.
We reserve the right to change or cancel at any time.

Blue Light Discount Card
Defence Discount Service Card

Discount on training fees are available for holders of Blue Light and Defence Discount Service cards. Please contact us for details.


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