• What style of self defence are you?

    Self defence is a legal definition and not a style or art.

    Force Necessary is a self defence syllabus.

    We therefore train and learn personal safety within a syllabus that conforms to the definition of UK laws on self defence.

    Force Necessary is a last resort option to use only the amount of force necessary "for the purposes of:

    • self-defence; or
    • defence of another; or
    • defence of property; or
    • prevention of crime; or
    • lawful arrest." Source: The Crown Prosecution Service

    We use martial concepts but we are NOT a martial art.

  • Where does the Force Necessary syllabus come from?

    The syllabus was designed by W. Hock Hochheim (USA) a former police officer and detective.

    You can read Hock's bio here: http://www.forcenecessary.com/hock-hochheim-biographic-info

    You can read about Force Necessary courses on the main US site here: http://www.forcenecessary.com/

  • Who delivers the Force Necessary UK workshops?

    All training is delivered by Jeth Randolph, Force Necessary UK's head trainer.

    W. Hock Hochheim says: "Jeth ranks in our top 10 SFC instructors in the world".

    You can find his international instructor listing here (please scroll down for UK):

  • Do the workshops contain just physical techniques?

    We place an emphasis on principles and tactics over just learning techniques.

    Each workshop utilises physical and mental drills as well as group discussion, feedback and more.

  • What does it mean when you say that the workshops are themed?

    We favour in depth, multi sessions on one theme or subject, an accumulative learning model that results in greater retention of learning by trainees.

    This is vital as the information is designed to be available if needed under the stress and fear of criminal assault.

  • Can children attend the workshops?

    Force Necessary workshops are suitable for people 18 years and above only as some subject matters and content are not suitable for younger people.

    We are in the process of developing a separate age appropriate syllabus for those under 18.

  • What do I need to bring to my first workshop?

    Please wear comfortable "street type" clothing – jeans and a t shirt is good (with a strong belt if possible for weapons training etc). Trainers are a good footwear choice.

    If you only have fitness/gym type clothes that'll make do but it will limit some of the drills for you.

    Bring water, towel, any medication (eg inhaler) you might need. And - possibly most important of all – please remember to bring a sense of humour!

  • Do I need to be really fit to take part?


    All training is done at a pace you feel comfortable with – we will push you only as far as you feel comfortable with. You're free to sit parts out if you wish and then rejoin.

  • Does training have a fitness element like some martial art classes?

    Trainees have reported improved strength, fitness and health after attending workshops.

    Our sole focus is filling each workshop with as much self protection information and training as possible and to the highest standard – we therefore won't waste your time on work out sections.

  • Can I try workshops for free?

    We do not offer free trials.

    Please refer to our fees/ membership information here: Investment

  • Do you offer discounts?

    Our unique Pay as you go (PAYG) allows the freedom to train for just one month with no commitments.

    Please refer to our Investment section on this site for full details.

    Due to small workshop size we do not offer discounts.

  • What kind of people attend workshops?

    Our trainees are men and women from all backgrounds inc school leavers, NHS workers, martial art instructors, mental health workers, security guards, office workers, mothers, fathers and so on.

    Smart people who think for themselves – looking for personal safety training that reflects their specific lifestyle requirements.

    Our youngest trainees are 18, our oldest trainee is 75!

  • Can children attend the workshops?

    Force Necessary workshops are suitable for people 18 years and above only as some subject matters and content are not suitable for younger people.

    Our "One in One" courses are taught in secondary schools and contain an age appropriate version of key Force Necessary elements.

    Please contact Jeth for details.

  • What is your Cancellation policy?

    Workshops are booked as PAYG blocks of 4 consecutive dates only.

    We do not offer refunds on unused dates. All block sales are final.

    In the event of a date being cancelled by Jeth or the venue, a full refund for that session will be issued.

  • Are the workshops compliant with Covid-19 safety regulations?


    All training is risk assessed and compliant with the latest guidelines issued by the government.


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