One In One Training Solutions

We currently deliver personal safety training solutions to:

  • Organisations
  • Businesses (including Martial arts schools)
  • Secondary schools

The "Force Necessary" syllabus is used by civilians, military, law enforcement, martial art schools and security companies world wide.

We can adapt the syllabus and provide a “One In One” training package tailor made to reflect your needs.

Provide your employees, members or students with a fun and realistic self defence training experience.

  • Learn tactics and strategies for effective self protection
  • Learn principle based solutions to physical threats
  • Increased personal and professional confidence
  • Able to deal appropriately with difficult situations
  • Quick, simple ideas suitable for all

We have a range of “One In One” training options to suit your requirements, all delivered at your location:

  • Short courses (subject to location)
  • Single short presentations
  • Training days
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What are your chances of violence impacting YOUR life?
Why bother learning self defence?
Statistics say...?
One in ….?
When it happens to you?
It's YOU.
It's 100%
….One In One.

One In One Training Solutions

What our clients say:

"An invaluable session that conveyed key information about self defence to young people in an interactive and accessible way."

"Jet's visit to our club was amazing. I learned so much from him."

"The self defence session was extremely informative. I found it helpful to learn about which different factors contribute to escaping an attacker."

"Hello Jeth. We met at your seminar, and I just wanted to say thank you. The other day I had a problem in the street, and it was about to be physical, I remembered what you taught us and avoided an escalation. Continue with the good work!"

"This was amazing experience, I'm very thankful for his visit."

"The techniques and skills enabled me to feel how I could act without putting myself in even more danger."

"It was interesting to learn about mindset and how important it is."

"Great day training! Day one over, cant wait for the rest of course !!!!!"

"Many thanks again for coming in, you really made a huge difference to our training day!"


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